Snooker’s future lies in the hands of youth

The Snooker World Championships began on Saturday

With the World Snooker Championships now underway, many budding young players will be dying to mark their name into the industry with a decent campaign.

One of those was Peter Devlin, who was hoping to enter his first World Championships but fell in the qualifiers. But the 24-year-old will be back – armed with an infamous talent up his sleeve.

Known for his entertaining on-stage rapping, Devlin said it was at school when he first found the passion that he is recognised for, beside his snooker ability.

“It originally started in school when I was trying to find a way to fit in and it started to boost my popularity.

“When I first rapped live on TV I got a lot of nice comments about it, so that boosted my confidence and made me want to do it more.”

Devlin is eyeing up further glory to back-up his previous success, winning the England Under-21s tournament being at the top of his achievements to date which he said was a dream come true.

However, the Londoner says there is more to come in the future.

“Every player’s dream is to win the World Championships and that is what my goal is, no matter how stupid it my sound.”

The World Championships got underway on Saturday, with the conclusion of the event on Monday May 3.