The wildlife in Fulwood is being destroyed from recent construction, residents claim.

D’Urton Lane, Fulwood, Preston.

The residents in Fulwood have serious concerns over recent construction going on in Eastway. With the demolition of wildlife many complain about a potential new employment park being built on D’urton Lane.

The private owners who bought the land are planning on building a new industrial site with 10 to 12 units and 125 new car parking spaces.

Homeowners state that Eastway is already a busy area but with this new unit in the works, it’s more than likely that there would be more chaos and traffic issues.

Permission to build on land was granted a few years ago with some stipulations in check for the removal of trees and wildlife.

But developers have already started doing their work, with a local councillor describing it to be a “muddy minefield”, which could have been built somewhere else.

Preston City Councillor Maxwell Green said this:

“There is a big industrial estate around the area, plenty of empty spaces there.”

Many residents have contacted the councillor stating that the new plan could be revamped in different areas.

Sarah Callaghan a resident of the area said:

“Considering the amount of empty units available around Caxton Road and Oliver’s Place, it’s senseless to build a brand new one”

The removal of trees and burning bushes has caused a lot of smoke pollution issues in the area. 

The removal of trees and burning bushes has caused a lot of smoke pollution issues in the area forcing some of the residents to shut their doors and windows for seven to eight days straight.

In the whole area only two trees have been protected by a Tree Preservation order but most of the grass and greenery has been removed.

Councillor Green said:

“There’s been destruction to the grass the greenery the trees, potential destruction to animals during nesting seasons”

“Even myself I was sat there last summer and it felt like you were in  the middle of you know the countryside”

Sarah Callaghan said:

“There’s very little greenery and woods left due to the new build housing, only a few years ago Eastway looked totally different”

Development has been allowed to go ahead because it’s being classed as maintenance work by the council.