A Bolton couple mourn the loss of their best man and several wedding dates due to COVID-19

Xauna Brown and Phillip Jones when they got engaged
Xauna Brown and Phillip Jones when they got engaged - photo credit: Xauna Brown

Xauna Brown and Phillip Jones say the ‘sparkle for getting married’ has gone after losing their best man to COVID-19 and having their wedding cancelled multiple times.

The young couple, who have had their wedding cancelled three times since the first lockdown began a year ago, believe if the pandemic hadn’t happened, their best man, Jason, would still be here.

Phillip, 30, said: “It was probably harder for me because I lost one of my best men shortly after the wedding was cancelled. So, if it hadn’t been cancelled, he would have still been here today.

“Well, he would have been there at the wedding but unfortunately, he can’t now.”

Jason Worrall - photo credit: Russell Worrall
Jason Worrall, Xauna and Phillip’s best man who sadly passed away in 2020 – photo credit: Russell Worrall

The loss of their best man is just one of many losses the couple have encountered since the start of the pandemic.

Xauna and Phillip’s original wedding date, May 22 2020, was cancelled when England was put into national lockdown and each time the couple tried to rearrange, more restrictions were put into place.

Jacqueline Harrison, the mother of the bride, said Xauna was “heartbroken after the first wedding cancellation” and is worried as more dates get cancelled, how Xauna’s mental health may suffer.

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The couple have now postponed their wedding to 29th July 2021, hoping that restrictions will be eased.

However, after experiencing so much sadness, the couple said they feel like the ‘sparkle’ for their wedding has gone and they just want to get married and move on to other exciting adventures.

Phillip said: “I think the pandemic has just took all the shine off it. 

“We’ve got to the point where we just want to put the rings on and say shall we just call each other husband and wife.”

Xauna replied saying: “Yes, we have kind of lost that sparkle for getting married.

“Where before everything was about a big celebration with our friends and family and we wanted everybody to be there and celebrate with us.

“Now, we just want to get married.”