West Cumbrian groups warn of ‘mental health pandemic’ after Covid

A West Cumbrian charity have warned that their admissions have increased greatly as a result of lockdown over the past year.  

The news comes at the same time as ‘Mind Ya Marras’, a group that supports men in West Cumbria who are struggling with mental health issues speaks out about the effects that the pandemic has had on their membership. 

Although the information is saddening, it speaks as a whole for society with a mental health pandemic feared to on the horizon after lockdown slowly comes to an end. 

More than half of adults in the UK have said that their mental health has worsened or deteriorated as a result of coronavirus, a survey the charity mind has revealed. 

Now a year on these groups in Cumbria are calling out for people to come forward and get the help if they need it as well as asking for someone to help them try and deal with the problem. 

In West Cumbria a higher amount of people are admitted to hospital after intentional self-harm than anywhere else in the country. 

To find out more about how this mental health pandemic is affecting the county and its front-line mental health services you can watch the video below: