COP26: Lancashire’s plan to tackle climate change

Avenham Park flooded.
Flooding in Avenham Park

COP26 has influenced Lancashire County Council’s climate change strategy.

Two members of the council attended the conference in Glasgow last week and have plans to move the county to the next stage of its environment and climate change programme.

In recent years Lancashire has been a victim of climate change, with flooding in areas like St Michael’s and major moorland fires in East Lancs.

Shaun Turner, cabinet member for Environment and Climate Change said: “The county council has a vital role in the local response to this emergency.

“We’re working with partner organisations on a new framework to ensure everyone plays their part in creating the cleaner, healthier, future we need to sustain ourselves and our environment.

The new framework aims to aid nature recover and be a net zero carbon county through four key areas:

  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Improving resilience to climate change
  • Tackling environment issues and nature recovery and,
  • Looking at ways to strengthen the use of renewable energy

This is as well as implementing other adjustments like changing street lighting to LEDs and restoring peatlands, which are huge carbon captures.

Councillor Turner said: “This will map out a pathway to achieving Net Zero carbon, as well as the actions we need to take to make our economy more resilient to the impacts of climate change, strengthen our use of renewables and help nature to recover from the effects of climate change.”