Lancashire climate change group says Cop26 has not changed anything

The COP26 logo
The COP26 logo

A Lancashire climate change group says COP26 has not changed anything.

The summit which was held in Glasgow led to an agreement by countries around the world to cut emissions and slow climate change.

However many argue it did not go far enough.

Dot Kelk, from Friends of the Earth Central Lancashire, said: “Cop 26 was not much of a success there has to be another way we move forward from this mess.”

She added: “Governments appear to be congratulating themselves that for the very first time ever the word coal has been written into the publication at the end which quite honestly amazed me.

“Even though I have been doing this for a long time it really shocked me it hadn’t been included before in the other COPs.”

Both Friends of the Earth and Climate action Preston their sister group are criticizing the outcome.

“There has been such a huge compromise gone on that while it’s good they recognize fossil fuels as the problem as far as I can see there hasn’t been any encouraging move forward,” she said.

They also feel there has not been enough progress in giving support to help poor countries to cope with how climate change is effecting them.

She added: “I don’t  think the countries that are most at risk from climate change think we are going to do much to help them.”

Friends of the Earth Central Lancashire hope that the government will start to do more.