Gritters to head out in Lancashire due to freezing temperatures

Lancashire County Council announced that gritters will be out this evening to prepare for the dropping temperatures (credit: Lancashire County Council)

Gritters are to head out across Lancashire this evening as temperatures are predicted to reach minus 1.2°C.

Lancashire County Council released multiple gritting updates that outlined all priority routes in North, East, Central and South Lancashire will be covered.

Priority roads include:

  • Non-trunk Motorways and ‘A’ roads which are the main routes across Lancashire
  • ‘B’ roads which are routes in and out of towns; roads which lead to hospitals, emergency service stations, main employment centres, and important public transport routes
  • Single routes into villages.

The Council have 150 drivers on standby for a 24/7 response to try and keep roads as safe as possible for drivers.

However they do still urge drivers to be aware and not assume that the roads have been gritted.

You can check if your local roads are included on the council’s gritting map.