Six of the most haunted places in Lancashire

Home to the second most haunted place in England, Lancashire is no stranger to spooky goings-on. From tales of witches and ladies in white, here are some of the county’s most haunted locations:

  1. Lancaster Castle

Estimated to have been built in the 11th Century, Lancaster Castle is famous for the Pendle Witch trials in 1612. With a millennium of dark history, and hundreds of executions it’s no surprise the castle is a hub for paranormal activity. Legend says a monk, believed to have been hanged at the prison, haunts the prison grounds. An icy chill announces his presence, but so far, he’s only been sighted at night.

Lancaster Castle is home to several spooky sightings. (Credit: Lucy Parsons)

  • Hoghton Tower, Preston

The second most haunted place in England, with so many spooky happenings, the staff maintain a special ghost file compiling a huge number of records. Some of the spectres said to be terrorising the tower are a lady in green velvet wandering in the late hours, and a black dog who haunts the Well House

  • Samlesbury Hall, Preston

Samlesbury Hall is notorious throughout the North West, and has attracted teams of paranormal investigations hoping to sight its resident spirits. One such spirit, Dorothy Southworth (the White Lady) has been seen on several occasions around the grounds. The White Lady died of a broken heart in 1568, and has spent the centuries since searching for her lost love. She is said to haunt the garden, where her lover was killed.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach, famous for thrilling rides and ghostly apparitions (Credit: Paul Allison/under creative commons license)

  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Millions of visitors every year arrive to the Pleasure Beach, unaware they may be encountering the dead. The most famous ghost is Cloggy, a former ride operator known for wearing clogs. However, there have been many sightings of other phantoms, including a likeness to Karl Marx in the cellar. Visitors have also reported hearing a lady singing and lights switching off randomly.

  • Craven Heifer pub, Rawtenstall

The 191-year-old former pub on Burnley Road was subject to a series of ghostly goings-on. The old pub was built over a river, with a few deaths occurring nearby, which is supposedly the reason the pub was so haunted. Reports were heard of taps turning on by themselves in the bathrooms, and strange shadows flitting around the bar. The most notable incident was in 2016, when a pair of ghostly legs appeared on a photograph of the cellar.

Waddow Hall, Clitheroe, is the setting for many a ghostly affair. (Credit: John Henry Fagan/under creative commons license)

  • Waddow Hall, Clitheroe

Now an activity centre for Girlguiding, Waddow Hall is a 17th Century listed building with a murderous history. According to legend, the estate is haunted by the ghost of a former servant, Peg O’Nell. She’s said to have been killed by the lady of the house out of jealousy. Peg supposedly had an affair with her killer’s husband, and was pushed down the well to her death. Visitors to the hall claim to have seen supernatural activity, attributing it to the servant.