‘Little Book of Hope’ aims to promote Fleetwood mental health

The ‘Little Book of Hope’ will be launched in Fleetwood next week to raise mental health awareness. 

It contains stories of mental illness survivors with the goal of showing readers that recovery is possible. 

The free launch event will be held on Monday November 13 at the North Euston Hotel from 3.30pm to 5.30pm. 

Elizabeth Loftus, project leader from Inspired Minds mental health charity, said: “I hope it allows people to feel a sense of hope and feel comfort. 

“The book contains people sharing their stories as well as self-help advice.” 

She also hopes that the book will help reduce suicide in the area. 

Credit: Wyre Council

Suicide prevention charity Samaritans lists the North West as the second most badly affected region of the country for suicide with 12.9 lifes lost per 100,000 yearly according to their latest data from 2021. 

Emma Lyons, a communications officer from Wyre Council, the body who funded the project with the NHS, said: “The project was financed using money allocated towards the ‘Healthier Fleetwood’ initiative. 

“The initiative is all about finding projects in Fleetwood that can benefit the physical and mental health of residents.” 

She added that the council hopes the book will help with signposting available help so that it is more accessible.