David Cameron joins the Cabinet as Braverman sacked

David Cameron says it will be an “honour to serve our country” as he is named the new foreign secretary during a cabinet reshuffle.

This is the first time that Cameron will have an official government position since he resigned as Prime Minister in 2016 following the loss of the Brexit referendum.

It has been revealed that the King has conferred a peerage on David Cameron so that the former PM can return to government.

Following the sacking of Suella Braverman as Home Secretary earlier today MP’s have come forward to express their opinions.

Yvette Cooper MP, Shadow Home Secretary, expressed that ‘Suella Braverman has now been sacked twice as Home Secretary’ and that Rishi Sunak was ‘warned against’ re-appointing her in the first place.

Jacob Rees Mogg had an opposing view explaining that she understood ‘what the country thinks about migration’

James Cleverly was appointed in her place and stated that ‘my job is to keep people in this country safe’

The act of taking Braverman out and adding Cameron in is bound to anger hardline conservatives before the general election next year.