Remembering the life of Sir Bobby Charlton on the day of his funeral

Today was the funeral of Sir Bobby Charlton who died aged 86. He was arguably one of the world’s greatest footballers of his era.

Bobby Charlton at Manchester Town Hall 2010. Credit: The Centre for School Design.

Born in Ashington, Northumberland north of Newcastle once the centre of the mining industry.

Ian Skinner manager of Ashington Community Football Club said: “how football saved them from having to go down the mine and how they felt fortunate,” according to Shingi Mararike.

Bobby and his brother Jack played for England in 1966 against West Germany in the World Cup final winning 4-2.

England V West Germany 1966 Credit: Public Domain Commons Media.

He captained Manchester United to major honours including the European Cup in 1968.

Sir Bobby scored twice in a 4-1 win against Benfica. This carried special significance because he was a survivor of the Munich air disaster on 6 February 1958.

Killing 23 people, including eight players and three members of staff, Sir Bobby was only 20 at the time.

He signed for Manchester United in 1953 and became a professional footballer in 1954.

The iconic Busby Babes were just that fledging’s about to transform the footballing world.

The young team won the FA Youth Cup three year on the trot in 1954, 1955 and 1956.

It is a mark of Sir Bobby’s character that not only did he survive the crash he recovered and became the legendary footballer that we all know.Sir Bobby was a gentleman on and off the field, a perfect example of how a modern footballer should personify.

He was a master of the midfield, the heart of the team, orchestrating the direction of the game.

His secret weapon was his thunderous shot from distance that defined his skilled unmatched by many players. 

Making him a threat for any team because he could score from forty yards.

The world has lost probably one of the greatest footballers to ever set foot on Old Trafford and Wembley turf.