“Mindless idiots” on quad bikes trash rugby pitch in Blackpool

Quad bikers who trashed a rugby pitch have been dubbed “mindless idiots” by Blackpool Scorpions chairman David Ratcliffe.

Blackpool police discovered that the field at South Shore cricket and squash club was wrecked by a ‘selfish few’ riding on motocross and quad bikes.

The rugby pitch at Jepson Way was wrecked by people on motocross and quad bikes.

The Scorpions are an amateur rugby league club who train at South Shore, however they haven’t made use of this particular pitch for a while as it does not yet have floodlights.

Regardless, chairman David Ratcliffe says that this is “no excuse” as the culprits were unaware that this pitch was out of use.

He said: “It’s just mindless idiots, not a care for what it’s used for.

“I don’t know what the right words are to use without saying something I shouldn’t.

“They don’t care what it’s used for or the damage they caused to it and, you know what, that’s going to cost money and effort to put right.”

He went on to explain that although this has happened before, it tends to occur during December and has never been this bad.

“It’s happened over the Christmas period when we don’t know what’s been going on,” he added.

It’s never been as bad as that. Around the area where the pitch is there’s common outlands and council fields, and there’s motorbikes on there but not necessarily on the pitch.

“It’s a well-known place to go now you could say. Generally they’ve not gone on the pitch so it’s not necessarily been a problem to us, and then in the summer, the ground’s a lot harder so it doesn’t tend to make a mess.

“And like I said, nobody’s been around all December time and they’ve just gone on there and wrecked it basically.”

Lancashire police say the numerous exits to the location means the culprits can leave the area quickly on their bikes.

They are working with the council about the damage caused and will be setting up a meeting to explore options and make the land more secure.