“Time for parting ways”? United fans divided on Rashford.

Marcus Rashford was unavailable for Manchester United’s FA cup match on Sunday because of illness, despite reports he was seen in a Belfast nightclub last week.

Erik Ten Hag vows to sort Rashford absence ensuring he will “deal with it”.

In a press conference, Ten Hag said: “He reported ill, for the rest it’s an internal matter. I’ll deal with it.”

A fan on X (formally known as Twitter) from the Man United Fan club reposted the article from the Athletic.

One person commented: “He doesn’t work hard on the pitch first and foremost. Then his professionalism off it isn’t good enough. Time for parting ways. He’s not a bad player but he’s clearly checked out.”

In response to this comment, the Manchester United fan club still showed their support for the clubs forward. They replied “He’s definitely fallen off this season, but his potential is amazing. I am hoping the new footballing structure will help fix any issues with him. Hard to see him leaving Manchester though.”

Alan Shearer also made a comment on the United players behaviour. 

He said: “He can’t keep doing this, he can’t keep wasting his talent because it’s not right. He needs strong management, someone to get hold of him and tell him there’ll be huge regrets come the end of this career if he continues doing this.”

After Marcus Rashford’s boozy night out in Belfast, UCLan Live look at the top five football bad boys, with a few ex United players making the cut.

  1. Wayne Rooney – Rooney was one of the most important and prolific players for both Manchester United and England between 2004-2015. Having numerous scandals and public fights over the years, Rooney meets all the crucial criteria of a football bad boy. From being convicted for drunk driving to being involved in multiple sex scandals and losing a substantial amount of money by gambling. 
  2. George Best – Best, who died in 2005 was a Manchester United player with great talent, but he was also a heavy smoker and an alcoholic. “Maradona is good, Pele is better, George is the best,” are the words engraved on his coffin. He also quoted as saying: “In 1969, I stopped with women and alcohol; it was the hardest of my life. I had a house next to the sea, but to reach the beach you had to pass by a bar…I never saw the sea.”
  3. Eric Cantona – throughout his career Cantona was never far from the headlines. During the 1994-1995 season, the Frenchman “kung fu kicked” a Crystal Palace fan in a match at Selhurst Park when he reacted poorly to some provocative heckling. He served an eight-month ban and a £30,000 fine by the FA. He also admitted a criminal charge of assault for which he was sentenced to community service. 
  4. Luis Suarez – On 21 April 2013, Suarez bit the arm of a Chelsea Defender, and this wasn’t the first time he’s bit another player. He was given lengthy bans for all incidents. Suarez has been accused numerous times of diving, committing a rather blatant handball in a world cup quarter final, and engaging in a war of words with Patrice Evra where he was accused of racially insulting the Manchester United defender. 
  5. Joey Barton – In 2008, Barton was sentenced to six months behind bars for common assault and affray during an incident in Liverpool. Punching a man 20 times and breaking a teenager’s teeth, Barton served 77 days in prison. One of Barton’s most infamous acts was a training ground fight with former teammate Ousmane Dabo, which saw the midfielder hit with a six-match ban in 2008. He was also given a four-month suspended sentence after admitting assault occasioning actual bodily harm after Dabo was left with cuts and bruises as well as a detached retina. At a Manchester City Christmas party, the ill-tempered bad boy was filled with rage after youth star James Tandy thought it would be funny to set Barton’s shirt on fire. He retaliated by stubbing a lit cigar in Tandy’s eye which resulted in a fine of 6 weeks wages and an apology.