Disabled drivers struggle with new electric charging points

Many electric charging points are not accessible to people with disabilities investigations has found.

I discovered below the images show bp pulse charging points at Winkley Square in Preston, the kerb not dropped so a wheelchair user cannot access the pavement.

Increasing demand for electric cars determines the expansion the network of charging stations said, Melanie Shufflebotham, Co-founder at Zap-Map.

It is essential people supported with charging infrastructure meeting everyone’s needs, added Melanie.

Sean Rice a disability sales executive at Nissan in Preston viewed the images and he said: “Paying from the street a wheelchair user cannot see the payment information (photo 2) on the top of the unit.”

Winckley Square Preston, Credit: Kevin Brockbank

Sean also said: “I must agree they are not accessible; it is not easy for a disabled driver.”

Sean’s disability is cognitive, he has a bipolar disorder. He said: “If I have empowered myself with information and I am in control of everything, I am fine.”

Winckley Square Preston, Credit: Kevin Brockbank

Without this knowledge of electric chargers his anxiety levels would rise he explained.

Source: zap-map.com

Zap- maps data shows new electric car sales in 2016 were 30,669 gradually increasing to 572,044 in 2022.

Source: zap-map.com

Zap-map.com data shows charging points increasing from 6548 in 2016 to 35,796 in 2022. Sales of new petrol and diesel cars banned from 2030.

A new accessibility standard issued by British Standard Institute, sponsored by Motability and the government will help standardise electric charger infrastructure.

“We need to ensure that electric vehicle charging is accessible to all drivers, including disabled people,” said Ms Shufflebotham.

She welcomed BSI-Pas-1899-2022, the new accessibility standard which will be a guide in future installations for electric car charging infrastructure fit for all users.

“Zap-map will explore ways to incorporate accessibility information into the app and help to ensure charging points are not just available, but accessible for all,” added Ms Shufflebotham.

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