Shane Warne ’caused mayhem around Accrington’ – David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd’s warm tribute to Aussie legend

The death of Shane Warne has rocked the cricketing world – but the memories and tributes paid to the Australian leg spinner are a true sign of his impact on the sport.

Warne, best known by many for ‘the ball of the century’ with his first ball in Test match cricket to Mike Gatting at Old Trafford in 1993, spent a season in England at the age of 21 at Accrington Cricket Club.

Warne was found dead in Thailand on Friday, where he was on holiday. Police have confirmed he died from natural causes.

Former England international and proud Lancastrian, David Lloyd, recalled Warne’s short spell in Lancashire during the 1991 season.

Lloyd told Uclan Live: “He was a prestigious spinner of the ball but he never lost his love of life, he caused absolute mayhem around Accrington.

“It didn’t mean too much to anyone when he arrived, he was just an up and coming lad but he certainly left his mark on the whole of Lancashire cricket.

“He took 73 wickets and definitely didn’t score a lot of runs but he was on the verge of breaking into the Australian side.”

Shane Warne took 1001 wickets for Australia in all formats of the game and is widely referred as the greatest spin bowler of all time.

Warne’s impact on cricket on cricket cannot be questioned, something that ‘Bumble’ agreed with.

Lloyd said: “Shane had a monumental impact of cricket and was the greatest spin bowler that we have ever seen.

“He was a champion of the game, he cared deeply about our great sport, he was just such a great showman.”

Warne was dedicated fully to his cricket career but he also knew how to enjoy himself and enjoyed life to the max.

On Warne’s character away from the cricket pitch, Lloyd said: “Shane was absolutely rock and roll when it came to cricket but also when it came to life.

“Shane never wanted to sleep, he felt sleep got in the way of other things that he should have been doing.”

The Australian government is bringing his body back to Australia where he will be given a state funeral.