BBC Radio Lancashire football commentator says he will complete his one million step walking challenge – despite breaking both wrists

A BBC commentator who set out to walk one million steps to fund the building of a memorial garden has fallen over and broken both wrists.

Derek Quinn, who covers Morecambe’s games in League One, wanted to raise money for a garden at the Mazuma Stadium.

But while he was on holiday in Tenerife he suffered an accident which slowed his progress.

On the incident, Quinn said: “I’d love to say I was being a hero and saving a woman from trouble or a cat from a burning building, but I just fell over a bollard that I didn’t see. 

“There’s a zebra crossing with two small bollards, and with my sunglasses on you just can’t see them. 

“They were just like death traps, I knew right away that I had broken my right wrist, I had no idea about my left. 

“It was just an absolute fluke, an absolute nightmare.” 

Quinn added: “I managed to do over 300,000 steps in just eight days. It was going really, really well.  

“I obviously can’t be doing anything at the moment, but I will complete this challenge. I’ve got to do 700,000 more steps over a period of 23 days.” 

The money raised from this challenge will go towards a memorial garden which will give supporters of the club a place to remember loved ones before or after a game. 

Having places where fans can go to remember the people who brought them to their first games is a lovely way for any club to stay connected with its supporters. 

An Example of the memorial garden at Accrington Stanley Football club. Credit On Stanley On

 On why he wants a memorial garden at the Mazuma, Quinn said: “They are just brilliant. 

“We have lost a few important people at the club, and I always thought a memorial garden was what Morecambe was missing. 

“It costs a lot of money so I will complete this challenge.”