Life On Mars cop car listed for sale in Preston

A Ford Escort used in the filming of the BBC series Life on Mars has been listed for sale in Preston.

The 1982 Ford Escort 1600 Ghia was also used in the filming of the sequel series Ashes to Ashes, and sports a blue roof light and a classic police livery, commonly known as the “Jam Sandwich”.

Ste Naylor, 36, of Preston, is the current owner of the car and said that it is “totally solid”, and comes with original features such as a two-knob stereo and manual transmission.

Mr Naylor said: “People will love it due to its character, how can you not like something like this?”

Mr Naylor had previously purchased the vintage vehicle from a dealer in Cirencester.

At the time of purchase, the car was valued in the region of £10,000 to £15,000 – a stark contrast to the current price of £3,995.

Despite its four decade history, the car has only registered only 17,373 kilometres, and according to Mr Naylor “starts, runs and drives but will require a service and going over”.

Previous owners included TV studios involved in the BBC drama, Life on Mars.

The sci-fi detective series starred Nelson native John Simm as DI Sam Tyler – a man transported to 1973 after being hit by a car in 2006, and the sequel series Ashes to Ashes, starring Keeley Hawes.

The car is still sought-after for screen work in film and television.