Return of Paul’s Farm pumpkin patch

Paul’s Farm’s pumpkin patch has seen another busy year after opening the patch to the general public.

After receiving a barrage of phone calls from customers from last year asking for the event to return, the farm had plotted a total of 14,000 pumpkin plants for punters to pick.

Paul’s Farm pumpkin patch

When you arrive at Paul’s Farm, you’ll be taken on a tractor ride to the pumpkin patch which will also return you to the spooky shop where you can grab a souvenir or some hot pumpkin soup.

There is no admission fee, all you pay for is the pumpkin you pick, making it a fun, cheap day out for all the family.

The cost of the pumpkins ranged from £3 to £8.

The patch sadly finished on the 29th so put it in your calendar for next year.