Rail travel disruption causes outrage across the north

Rail passengers in the north are outraged as disruption has halted most train services across the region.

Passengers have been left with no way of getting to work and school as many trains are still not running today, 7 Nov, despite strike action being called off last Friday, 4 Nov.

Many of those struggling have taken to twitter to complain.

User @OllieJames_1 said: “You just need to revert back to the normal Monday timetable, how hard can that possibly be?”

User @went57 said: “We’ll be back on horse n cart at this rate. How are people supposed to get to work, college etc?”

There were no trains at all today from Blackpool to Preston and very few services from Lancaster to Preston today.

RMT withdrew the proposed rail strike action plans for November, 5, 7 and 9 however Northern rail claims that due to complexities involved in reverting back to a full timetable they advise customers to not travel on those days.

Despite this, trains are still not running throughout the 7 and 9 and there is set to be disruptions on the 8 and 10.

Northern Rail’s chief operating officer, Tricia Williams, said: “We can confirm that the much reduced service strike timetable will still run on Saturday and Monday as the reintroduction of a timetable is complex and can take several days to do.

“We continue to advise customers to not travel on these days. We are working up a plan to run a fuller service on Wednesday – customers should visit our strike page for most up to date information.”