UCLan offers free food to help tackle the cost of living crisis

The University of Central Lancashire is providing free food across the campus to help students during the cost of living crisis.

Porridge and fruit are among some of the items being handed out for free to students and lecturers alike as the university population deals with rising food and energy prices.

In Foster Building, cakes, porridge and hot beverages are being served, while in Greenbank Building, fruit and coffee are available.

Many students have had to cut out meals throughout the day in order to save money, according to UCLan’s Student Union, and the offer of free food has been welcomed by those affected.

The university and the Student Union plans to introduce more measures for students other than the free food.

Raham Odjegba, President of the Student Union, said: “I think that what we’re doing has been very helpful. From the feedback we’ve received, students have mentioned that they’ve had to cut out meals just to save money which is not what we want as a Student Union.

“Students have acknowledged that what the university have done has gone a long way in supporting them. We want to make sure that our students are eating and that they’ve got energy to study.” 

As the crisis continues, UCLan will also continue to supply support to students, with bursaries, extra funds and free food available to students who need them.