The most popular vegan restaurants in the North West to try this Veganuary

Carbon emissions equivalent to 2.4m flights from London to Paris has been saved by people switching to a vegan diet in January, according to charity, Veganuary.

Beginning in 2014, the campaign has seen millions of people sign up over the past eight years, with over 580,000 in 2021.

Over 825 new vegan products and menus were launched for Veganuary last year, opening up the world of vegan food to many more people.

The charity also offers eating guides, with information regarding nutrition and getting started, with also a range of recipe ideas to cook at home.

In light of this, we’ve picked out eight of the most popular vegan restaurants to try here in the North West, offering everything from vegan pizza, breakfast, and many more.

Greens Kitchen

Credit: Green’s Kitchen

Owned by TV chef Simon Rimmer, Greens has offered vegan and vegetarian dishes, covering starters, mains, and desserts, ever since they opened in 1990.

Located in West Didsbury, the restaurant says you can expect ‘imaginative dishes packed with flavour’, made with ‘thoughtfully selected produce’.

The restaurant caters for all members of the family, including children.

Take a look at their menu here.


Credit: Vertigo

Vertigo is a plant based restaurant and coffee bar, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

The eatery’s menu includes plant based versions of popular dishes such as, cheeseburgers, pies, macaroni and cheese, and many more.

With three sites across Manchester; Cross Street, First Street, and MediaCityUK, there’s plenty of opportunity to go and try this restaurant yourself.

Visit their website by clicking here.

Upside Down

Credit: Upside Down

Claiming to be the beginning of Blackpool’s coffee culture, Upside Down say they are a ‘speciality’ coffee shop, with the addition of a ‘punchy’ plant based menu.

Located in the seaside town, their menu offers chickpea pancakes, house made Kimchi, umami, and many more.

With none of their staff meat eaters, and their low waste aspirations, this could be one of the most exciting plant based restaurants yet.

Visit their website by clicking here.


Credit: Purezza

After opening their first site in Brighton in 2015, Purezza became the UK’s first vegan pizza restaurant, and has now opened in Manchester.

Winner of multiple awards, including National Pizza of the Year and Best Vegan Restaurant in the UK at the World Pizza Championships, they offer a wide range of vegan pizzas, with their menu also claiming to be 95% gluten free.

Their food isn’t the only thing that’s sustainable, as they’ve said that their restaurants are also filled with recycled and refurbished materials.

Visit their website by clicking here.

Whins Green Kitchen

Credit: Whins Green Kitchen

Whins is said to be one of the best vegan restaurants in Chorley and Lancashire, featuring vegan alternatives to a roast dinner, cottage pie, katsu curry, plus many more.

Located on Whins Lane in Chorley, this traditional restaurant offers a full menu of breakfast, starters, mains, and side dishes.

Visit their website by clicking here.

Frost Burgers

Credit: Frost Burgers

Frost Burgers is a 100% plant based street food restaurant, featuring a wide range of burgers and desserts.

Located in both Liverpool and Manchester, Frost Burgers was voted the top rated veggie/vegan restaurant in Liverpool in 2020, and was also voted in the top rated burger places in the UK.

They’re said to select the best plant based meats and cheeses you can find, so if that’s anything to go by, it could be worth adding to your list.

Visit their website by clicking here.

Town House Coffee Bar & Brew

Credit: Town House Coffee Bar & Brew

Located in Preston city centre, Town House is predominantly a coffee and brew bar, but offers a seasonal menu with multiple vegan options, including an alternative to a full English breakfast.

Town House say they are a ‘lovely place to relax, study, meet friends and colleagues’, with a menu where everything is sourced ethically and locally.

Visit their website by clicking here.

V Rev

Credit: V Rev

V-Rev is a vegan diner dedicated to making sure every aspect of their restaurant is vegan, spanning everything from their food, the products they buy, the cleaning products they use, and how much they recycle.

Located on Edge Street in Manchester, their menu offers a variety of burgers, hotdogs, burritos, nachos, and many more.

They also provide a few information sites to inform people about veganism, and how someone can start making them changes in their life.

Visit their website by clicking here.