Manchester City will play Arsenal in the Women’s Super League

For the second time in a week these two teams will meet this time, at the Academy stadium Manchester City v Arsenal is a fourth and third table game as just goal difference sits these two teams apart.

Arsenal will be looking to gain 3 points after their slip up against West Ham last game failing to get the win after a 0-0 draw.

Manchester City have Khadija Shaw (Bunny Shaw) who is the highest goal scorer in the Women’s Super League with 10 goals after 12 games. So it looks like she will be the player to look out for in this game.

Arsenal will be excited to have Lia Walti back after injury.

Jonas Eidevall talked ahead of the game he said; “We have to start with the first game and of course, we will get some answers and how that will progress to the second game, but we’ll start by trying our very best to win the first. I think when you have less numbers, it means you will do less rotation because you have less players to choose from.”

“From that sense, it might be easier for me than it is for Gareth. He has more players to choose from but I have less.

“It obviously means I have more players that will need to play more minutes in these three matches, but I think we’re at the stage both as a team and as individuals that they can handle it.

Arsenal won last nights game 1-0 after a last minute winner.

Recently City were on an unbeaten run until last night as they hadn’t lost in there last 16 in all competitions.

Manager Gareth Taylor spoke before the game last night he said; “We have to get there and earn the right to be there and retain our trophy in the Continental Cup. We know how hard that is and that we’ll have good moments and times where we suffer.

We have had a lot of new players coming in, it took a small period to adapt and we struggled a little bit at first without a proper pre-season but now the team is playing to really high levels.

The game kicks off Saturday 11th February at 12:30 at the Academy Stadium.