COVID: Truckers may disrupt Super Bowl 56, US Security Agency warns

Truckers protesting the Covid-19 vaccine mandate will take to the streets in major US cities, The Department of Homeland Security warned.

The Covid-19 vaccine mandate for truckers crossing the US-Canada border was implemented last month by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

Ottawa is under a state of emergency, and officials have called the protesters to leave the Capital city. 

Super Bowl 56 in Los Angeles (Credit: Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Peaceful protesters have turned more hostile according to local enforcements. The Canadian police describe the event as a “complete blockage” of one of the major US-Canada routes.

The DHS has issued a bulletin to all the law enforcement agencies across the US. In the bulletin, the department said it had received reports of truck drivers planning to potentially block roads in major cities in the US.

The department told the BBC it was “tracking reports of potential convoy” but it had “not observed specific calls of violence.”

Freedom Convoy Truck Protestors in Ottawa, Canada. (Credit: GETTY IMAGES)

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas travelled this week to Los Angeles, California to meet with state and local law enforcement and the National Football League (NFL) to review DHS operations to help ensure the safety and security of employees, players, and fans during the Super Bowl LVI. 

He said: “The Department of Homeland Security is fundamentally a department of partnerships, and those partnerships are critical to ensuring the safety and security of Super Bowl operations as well as that of the surrounding community.” 

US Secretary of Homeland Security Department in Los Angeles. (Credit: Homeland Security)

The Los Angeles Rams will meet the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl 56 on Sunday, 13February – and you can watch live on BBC One.