Preston jobs fair fills NHS vacancies

More than 30 people have been employed by the NHS following a job fair.

The event, which was held last year, was hosted by The Sahara Project as part of their efforts to support the black and minority ethnic community with an emphasis on assisting women.

The Sahara Project have now announced that 33 jobs had been filled following the fair.

The fair was also supported by the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Lancashire Adult Learning.

The women in attendance spoke with the recruitment manager from the LTHTR to see what kind of jobs were available and how to apply.

Zafar Coupland, who works at the Sahara Project said that the opportunity to sit down with NHS recruitment staff helped attendees “understand in more depth what was available to them.”

The attendees were provided with training and support in the months following the jobs fair in order to help them get access to the vacancies.

Sarah Threlfall, who is Deputy Chief Executive of Preston City Council said: “The collaboration between the Sahara Project, the local NHS and Lancashire Adult Learning is a benchmark for other employers in the city to reach out and follow their approach.”

Figures released by the Sahara Project show 11 people gained part time employment, 13 gained full time employment and nine people gained employment in the Fishwick area, where they are based.

Preston City Council said: “NHS jobs come with decent terms and conditions, progression and job security. This addresses poverty and leads to healthier communities.”

The Sahara Project holds job fairs frequently including a weekly event that takes place on Fridays which were, in part, encouraged by the success of the NHS jobs fair.