New Neighbours Together launch project for refugee women in Burnley

A new project has been launched to help refugee women get more involved in their new community and to make their journey into society easier.

The project is being led by New Neighbours Together head of client engagement and outreach, Intsar Arnous, who believes this is a way to “help them move forward”. 

The project takes place once a week with a guest, such as, a doctor, police officer or mental health support worker. 

The women are divided in groups of ten and each group is taken out once a month to different places to help them build confidence as many of them come from strict backgrounds and don’t like to go out on their own.

Mrs Arnous said: “We are all refugees on this planet and everyone should be treated fairly.”

The charity has been helping asylum seekers, refugees, and migrant workers since 2016 and provides the women with anything they need, including food and clothing.

They are also provided support including interpreting, translating, advocacy, heath, housing advice and education. 

Ruth Haygarth, the founder of the charity, said: “We welcome them as we would wish to be welcomed in their country.” 

The charity started with helping two families and four men and it now has 400 clients.

Mrs Haygarth mentioned New Neighbours Together’s mission is “radical hospitality”, where people feel safe and free.

She added: “It is a place where they can heal and rebuild their shattered lives through friendship.”