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UCLanLive is produced by student journalists at the University of Central Lancashire as part of their course of study.

Our courses are industry accredited and we aim to teach students to the highest professional, legal and ethical standards relative to the level of their course. The University of Central Lancashire is home to one of the UK’s longest-established journalism schools – we have been teaching journalism for more than 55 years – and our graduates are employed in leading industry roles across the world.

From the first day of our programmes, students are taught to operate as journalists. UCLan Live enables students to operate in a newsroom environment to real deadlines. It also allows students to showcase their multimedia journalism skills.

You can find out more about our courses by following the following links to our course pages. Click here for our BA (Hons) Journalism, BA (Hons) Sports Journalism and MA Broadcast Journalism programmes. If you would like to find out more about journalism at UCLan, please contact us on JMPProgrammes@uclan.ac.uk

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