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Coronavirus’ impacts on UK sporting events

March 9, 2020 HCloney 0

Matches could potentially be played without supporters after the Football League was involved in today’s talks about how to deal with coronavirus. The government is holding a meeting with different broadcasting and sporting bodies about […]

Second Year Newsdays

No Moor Turf for Clarets

March 2, 2020 Dan Barnes 0

When Burnley FC launched their third kit, they weren’t expecting to be left with enough trees to fill a forest. Over the summer, the club pledged to plant a tree for every shirt sold as […]

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Terrorism prevention: What can we do?

February 24, 2020 SRowinska 0

Terrorism fears have risen in the North West ever since the Manchester bombing in 2017.  Figen Murray, mother of Manchester bombing’s victim Martyn Hett, is working on Martyn’s law, to enforce bag checks at venues.  […]

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